Garage Door Service

garage door service

At Garage Door Repair Port Moody, we feel that preventative maintenance is important when getting any garage door in the Port Moody area to work right. Our garage door service is dedicated to giving you a series of solutions to ensure that your opener can keep working without threatening to break down. We do this all to keep your system as easy to maintain as it can be.

A professional garage door service should be responsible for analyzing things like how springs are working and if there’s a need to repair or replace them. Part of this includes checking to see if a system has worn out. This could particularly work if you have an opener that was made before 1993 when safety features were required on all new models. We also lubricate parts in our Genie and Liftmaster service to keep your door running smoothly. Lubrication is critical as it makes it easier for your garage door to stay functional and ready to work. It must be ready to ensure that whatever you use is protected right.

We will also check on the physical body of the door itself. The physical body can be analyzed based on how thick it is and if there are any cracks in the space. It can also be checked based on how the wires and bolts in a system are used. Our goal is to give you a solution that allows you to get your door to feel as sturdy as possible. Our residential garage door service will work best in the spring and fall seasons as the temperatures in Port Moody start to change and the need to analyze individual parts of your door is more important. Contact us at Garage Doors Port Moody if you need help with getting your system to work right.

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